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Like taking a look under the hood (or Evaluate the effectiveness of Toronto SEO Site Audit

Whether you have just started implementing SEO on your website or have been developing your search strategy over time, sometimes the next step is to have an expert help you audit your efforts.

In addition to comprehensive Toronto SEO services, Above the Fold Media offers SEO consultations for businesses that hope to improve their search friendliness.

Our Toronto SEO specialists audit your website’s SEO effectiveness, so you can make changes.

We offer comprehensive packages including a Toronto SEO site audit for our valued clients in Ottawa, Toronto or even as far away as Halifax. It’s our way of looking under the online hood and seeing what needs to be tweaked in your digital marketing plan.

A thorough SEO audit provides analysis of your business website, individual pages and traffic. It is a way to gain insight into where your site is under performing and can act as a means of providing a much-needed tune-up allowing your site to rank and convert better.

We have a comprehensive philosophy for our Mississauga, Markham and Hamilton SEO site audit services. First off, everything we do is comprehensive. Above the Fold Media specializes in detail when it comes to showing you where your website can do better. We take the time to treat each and every project like it was our own venture.

Empower Your Business

It’s important to us that we empower your business. That’s why every Toronto SEO specialist who works with us has the education and knowledge base to treat every project in a thorough and professional manner. Research is one of the cornerstones of everything we do.

Above the Fold Media is proud of the fact that our foundational research tools include comprehensive market analysis. A site audit that doesn’t include a picture of what the competition is doing doesn’t help your business to rank better.

Long story short is simple. We are always looking to help you develop the very best digital marketing plan and want to start at the beginning. That’s why the entire process begins with a comprehensive consultation that is both transparent and enlightening.

Everything is handled by our team of experts. There’s no detail to big or small in an SEO site audit. Take a few minutes to look over the list of industries that we have provided results for. You’ll see we are comfortable in a series of verticals that span different types of businesses of different sizes. We also pride ourselves on being flexible and able to tailor make any digital marketing plan to suit your specific needs.

Level of Transparency

One of the things that separate us from the competition is our level of transparency. We pride ourselves on including each and every client in the process. That means you’ll have a say and a voice at the table because our digital marketing solutions are not a one-size-fits-all venture.

Why not get in touch with us today so we can start the process off with a Toronto SEO site audit?

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